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Billy 1994 - billy 2014.jpg
Vital statistics
Title Billy
Gender Male
Affiliation Unknown
Age 10 (1994 movie)

30 (2014 sequel)

Status Alive
Occupation Bird collector
Relatives None
First Appearance Dumb and Dumber
Portrayed by Brady Bluhm

Billy is a 30 year old handicapped blind man who lives in Rhode Island. He is a neighbour of Harry Dunne, Lloyd Christmas, & Ice Pick.


Billy is shown to be a blind and apparently long suffering boy/Young man. In 1994, Lloyd Christmas sold a decapitated parakeet with its head held on with gaffer tape to Billy, but being blind the 10 year old boy believed the bird to still be alive. The selling of the dead parakeet to Billy made national news a week or so later. In Dumb & Dumber To, he returns with a cockatoo, who talks to him. He is very protective of his hundred rare birds in his apartment , which have been eaten by Butthole, Harry’s cat. Harry affirmed blind people have good hearing but Lloyd denied that, and they both shout in Billy’s ears, for fun.