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Captain Lippincott
Captain Lippencott.jpg
Vital statistics
Title Captain Lippincott
Gender Male
Affiliation Adele Pinchelow
Age 40s
Status Alive
Occupation Army Forces
Relatives Travis Lippincott (twin brother) †
First Appearance Dumb and Dumber To
Portrayed by Rob Riggle

Captain Lippincott is the Secondary Antagonist of Dumb and Dumber To. He is the military brother of Travis and helped Adele Pinchelow is her plan to steal her husband's fortune from the 1 billion invention. He is extremely intelligent and smart, when he hides himself in some places, painting his whole body as a perfect camouflage. He gave Travis a poison to kill Bernard Pinchelow, impossible to detect. Lippincott disguised himself as a security man from the hotel where Penny was hosted and tried to kill her. He also tried to shoot Lloyd at the square with a sniper. Then he appears again at the KEN Conference with Adele and they tried to kill Harry, Lloyd, Fraida, and Penny at the bathroom and steal the invention, just as he found out it was just cupcakes in the box. He also hates Adele, ordering her to join his hostages. Then Penny's friends invaded with guns and Bernard Pinchelow. He was later arrested with Adele.