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Vital statistics
Title Cindy
Gender Female
Affiliation Unknown
Age 16-17
Status Unknown
Occupation Providence Hill High School Student
Relatives Unknown
First Appearance Dumb and Dumberer: When Harry Met Lloyd
Portrayed by Michelle Krusiec

Cindy was a Chinese foreign exchange student who came to America to learn about it, and attend the Providence Hill High School along with Lloyd and Harry, in the Special Needs Class. Her nickname was Ching Chong. She was played by actress Michelle Krusiec in the movie.


In 1986, she was seen having her bowl of noodles, and was offered to join up in the Special Needs class that Harry and Lloyd were assigned to pick for the class. As she was signing up, she developed a crush on Turk, and that's when she accepted and signed up.

She was seen with the rest of the class in Ray's tool shed. When Ray calls out Lloyd and Harry, and questions them about what's going on in the tool shed, Lloyd explains that a Special Needs class is going on in there. She sees Carl, the football recently on the disabled list, get roweled up and break through the wall of the shed and is astound by going, "Oh, wow!"

The next day, the class is going on a field trip to a museum, where partners up with Turk and they all attend the museum.

A couple of days later, she is seen in the classroom in the tool shed, as Thanksgiving is arriving and a parade is being arranged. The class is suppose to make a float, to she makes a suggestion of a "beautiful swan flying gracefully over the rice fields to the tune of 'Only the Lonely' by Roy Orbison." However, since they're left another option Lewis had an idea of, George Washington, the class gets to work on making a float of George Washington crossing the Delaware, to which they've completed.

The next day, when Thanksgiving Day arrives, she and the rest of class are getting ready for the Thanksgiving parade. They see the float has been changed into a "Principal Collins" float. Cindy is looking at the documents in Principal Collins' chest box, which she confirms provide evidence of a long history of fraud and embezzlement from the school by Collins and Miss Heller. Turk asks her "Ching Chong? What happened to your beautiful Asian accent?" She reponds:"Actually, my name is Cindy. The accent helps me meet boys." She asks him if he wants it back, to which he says yes, and with that, she says (with the accent): "You got it, Joe." And then there getting ready for the parade with the float and using a his tapes and a loud speaker, providing the proof that whole Special Needs class was a scam the whole time. Collins is then seen escaping with the check, but cornered and trapped, and arrested along with Miss Heller.