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Jessica Matthews
Vital statistics
Title Jessica Matthews
Gender Female
Affiliation Unknown
Age 16-17
Status Unknown
Occupation Providence Hill High School Student
Relatives Walter Matthews (father)
Mrs. Matthews (mother)
First Appearance Dumb and Dumberer: When Harry Met Lloyd
Portrayed by Rachel Nichols

Jessica Matthews was a student at Providence Hill High School and the first love interest of Harry Dunne and Lloyd Christmas. She is also the daughter of Walter Matthews and Mrs. Matthews. She was the main female protagonist of Dumb and Dumberer: When Harry Met Lloyd. She was portrayed by actress Rachel Nichols.


In the year 1986, Jessica began to get suspicious of Principal Collins's sudden contribution to a new special needs class which in secret is fake and asks fellow student Harry Dunne who is apart of the class to come over to her house and talk about what the class is like. Harry instead thinks that she is flirting with him and that it is a date, and not an interview. When Harry comes over to her house with Lloyd, a problem happens with Harry in her home's bathroom where his chocolate bar melts and is all around the room where her father thinks its feces. This turns her attention to interviewing Lloyd instead. This cases Harry and Lloyd to argue because Harry thinks that Lloyd is stealing his girlfriend which makes the duo's friendship split.

The next day after Harry and Lloyd, thinking that Principal Collins evidence chest is a treasure chest and take it away, Collins girlfriend Miss Heller falsely accuses Jessica of taking it. But by the end of the film, she is off the hook and thanks Lloyd and Harry for helping her out. It is also revealed by the end of the film that she already has a boyfriend who she rides off with at the end of the movie.