Joe Mentalino
Joe Mentalino
Vital statistics
Title Joe Mentalino
Gender Male
Affiliation Nicholas Andre
J.P. Shay
Age Late 30s to early 40s
Status Deceased
Occupation Criminal
Relatives Unknown
First Appearance Dumb and Dumber
Portrayed by Mike Starr
Joe Mentalino was a criminal who worked for Nicholas Andre, and the secondary antagonist of the 1994 film Dumb and Dumber. He suffered from digestive problems.

He is portrayed by Mike Starr.


In 1994, Joe was tasked with eliminating Lloyd Christmas and Harry Dunne. He posed as a hitchhiker & traveled with them for a while.

At a diner, he planned to spike Harry and Lloyd with rat poison to have control of the briefcase containing the ransom money. He later changes his mind on killing them when he learns that they do not know what is in the briefcase, or the woman it belongs to & eats lunch with them. Not knowing about Joe’s condition, Lloyd and Harry retaliate for a previous prank, by filling his burger with atomic peppers bringing on some sort of allergic reaction & he collapses holding onto his stomach & requests his pills for his ulcer.

Harry, who found the rat poison pills in Joe’s jacket pocket, believed it to be the medicine & gave it to Joe, who had barely seconds to realize what he was given by Harry. With his last breath & last words, he blames Harry for it & calls him an “SOB” & then gurgles and collapses down dead.


Joe was a cold-hearted killer & would murder without hesitation. This was shown when he decapitated Petey. He also had a bad temper & punched a man who was annoying him straight through a phone box. His impatience was especially displayed when he was travelling with Harry and Lloyd, who irritated him with their stupidity.

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