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Mr. Stainer
Mr. Stainer.Image.jpeg
Vital statistics
Title Mr. Stainer
Gender Male
Affiliation Unknown
Age Late 60s
Status Alive
Occupation Unknown
Relatives Peter Stainer (son) †
Mrs. Stainer (wife)
Penny Pinchelow (granddaughter)
First Appearance Dumb and Dumber To
Portrayed by Grant James

Mr. Stainer is a depressed elderly man who is the father of the late Peter "Pee Stain" Stainer and the biological paternal grandfather of Penny Pinchelow. He is played by actor Grant James.


Both Mr. Stainer and his wife greatly hate Lloyd and Harry because Lloyd was responsible for Pee Stain's death and both Harry and Lloyd were quite insensitive about Pee Stain's passing. A few weeks later in El Paso, Texas , He (along with his wife) meets his granddaughter, Penny Pinchelow whom Pee Stain conceives along with Fraida Feltcher. He and his wife were overjoyed to see Penny the minute they saw her and he metaphorically said that she had Pee Stain's eyes. Harry and Lloyd immediately ruin the moment by trying to communicate with Pee Stain into Penny's eyes. He directs Penny away from the two idiots and says, "Let's get you away from these guys." Ally