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Mrs. Stainer
Mrs. Stainer.Image.jpeg
Vital statistics
Title Mrs. Stainer
Gender Female
Affiliation Unknown
Age Late 60s
Status Alive
Occupation Unknown
Relatives Peter Stainer (son) †
Mr. Stainer (husband)
Penny Pinchelow (granddaughter)
First Appearance Dumb and Dumber To
Portrayed by Taylor St. Clair

Mrs. Stainer is the mother of the late Peter "Pee Stain" Stainer and the biological paternal grandmother of Penny Pinchelow who strongly dislikes Harry and Lloyd because Lloyd was the cause of Pee Stain's death and were both insensitive about it.


Mrs. Stainer is first seen in the film viciously screaming at Harry and Lloyd for constantly ringing the doorbell at a ridiculous time of the night. Lloyd requests Pee Stain's presence downstairs but her husband confirms that he had died in a motorcycle crash back in 1991. The motorbike that claimed her son's life had originally belonged to Lloyd. To add insult to injury, Lloyd recalls that Pee Stain traded him his crash helmet in lieu of the bike, then he begins describing the speed of the motorcycle, causing her to cry and for her husband to coldly shut the door in Harry and Lloyd's face. A few weeks later, she and her husband meet their granddaughter Penny Pinchelow for the first time in El Paso. They were both absolutely delighted to see her but Harry and Lloyd ruin the moment by trying to communicate with Pee Stain into Penny's eyes.