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Penny Pinchelow
Vital statistics
Title Penny Pinchelow
Gender Female
Affiliation Pinchelow family
Age 22
Status Alive
Occupation Unknown
Relatives Fraida Feltcher (mother)
Peter Stainer (father) †
Bernard Pinchelow (adoptive father)
Penny's adoptive mother (adoptive mother) †
Adele Pinchelow (adoptive stepmother)
Mr. Stainer (grandfather)
Mrs. Stainer (grandmother)
Rita Felcher (aunt)
Herbert Feltcher (uncle)
First Appearance Dumb and Dumber To
Portrayed by Rachel Melvin

Erika Bierman (age 13)
Kassidy Claire (age 5)

Penelope Frances "Penny" Pinchelow (born Fanny Felcher) is a sweet, innocent, but hopelessly naive and dumb 22 year old girl who Harry believed to be his own daughter. She is played by actress Rachel Melvin in Dumb and Dumber To.


Penny was born to Harry's (and Lloyd's) old flame, Fraida Felcher. Broke, scared and with no clue how to raise a child, Fraida put Penny up for adoption. However she immediately regretted it, but it was too late because she signed away her rights. Penny was adopted by a world renown scientist and grew up happily. As she grew, she displayed an astounding lack of intelligence, and was hopelessly naïve and gullible. When Harry found a 23 year old post card addressed to him from Fraida telling him of her pregnancy, He immediately assumed he was the father, And since he said he was in need of a new kidney, Lloyd suggested they track her down for one. Upon seeing Penny's picture, Lloyd fell in love with her, completely ignorant of the fact he was many, many years older and could have been her father himself.

Penny was asked by her adopted father to take a very important package to the Ken Conference in El Paso, Texas . But she absent mindedly forgot it.


Penny is a sweet natured, innocent but horribly dumb, immature, and gullible woman. She is extremely friendly and trusting. In fact, too much so, as she was willing to accept hugs from complete strangers, as she did when she met Lloyd, unaware of who he was. She is also very sweet on the kindhearted Harry. Because she possessed many of the same stupidity traits that Lloyd and Harry have, it was easy to assume that this young woman was the daughter of at least one of them. However this was not the case as she was in fact the daughter of the late Peter "Pee Stain" Stainer. After she had found out, however, that Lloyd had been the reason for the death of her real father, she, along with Dr. Pinchelow, Mr. and Mrs. Stainer, walks away, staring at Lloyd and Harry in consternation.