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Peter Stainer
Pee Stain.Image.jpeg

Vital statistics
Title Peter Stainer
Gender Male
Affiliation Unknown
Age Early 20s (at time of death)
Status Deceased
Occupation Unknown
Relatives Mr. Stainer (father)
Mrs. Stainer (mother)
Penny Pinchelow (daughter)
First Appearance Dumb and Dumber To (mentioned and picture seen)
Portrayed by Unknown

Peter "Pee Stain" Stainer was the late friend of Lloyd Christmas and Harry Dunne and the biological father of Penny Pinchelow.


Not much is known about Pee Stain. He was a friend of Harry and Lloyd and one of Fraida Felcher's many lovers. He apparently met Harry and Lloyd sometime after Principal Collins' corruption was discovered. It is assumed that Pee Stain was apparently just as stupid as Harry and Lloyd based on how Fraida describes him and the dumbness of Penny. He had fathered Penny with Fraida. In 1991, Lloyd traded his motorcycle for Pee Stain's helmet, and as a result, Pee Stain was involved in a fatal crash, killing him. Sadly, he would never have gotten to see his daughter as he died in a motorcycle accident before Penny was born (due to the motorcycle Lloyd had sold him.)

Post Mortem

Peter was survived by his mother and father, who both abhor Harry and Lloyd, though they never say it. They seem to despise Lloyd more than Harry, most likely due to LIoyd being the one responsible for their son's death.

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