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Vital statistics
Title Ray
Gender Male
Affiliation Unknown
Age Early 50s
Status Deceased
Occupation High School Janitor
Relatives Lloyd Christmas (adopted son)
First Appearance Dumb and Dumberer: When Harry Met Lloyd
Portrayed by Luis Guzmán

Ray was the adoptive father of Lloyd Christmas. He apparently found Lloyd at a police auction after the criminals who were taking care of Lloyd at the time got arrested. Unlike the past caretakers who found Lloyd insufferable, Ray genuinely loved him. Ray was the Janitor of the high school he and Lloyd were living at.


In Dumb and Dumber To, Lloyd mentions that he is dead when he was answering a phone call from somebody who he says is his "dead dad" (It was actually Harry attempting to phone Penny). Lloyd was also able to track down his biological mother at some point after Ray's death as Lloyd frequently mentions his mother throughout the film.


Ray and young Lloyd