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Vital statistics
Title Toby
Gender Male
Affiliation Unknown
Age 16-17
Status Unknown
Occupation Providence Hill High School Student
Relatives Unknown
First Appearance Dumb and Dumberer: When Harry Met Lloyd
Portrayed by Josh Braaten

Toby was a student at Providence Hill High School who was injured in a skateboarding accident. His right arm and left leg were in a cast which resulted in him walking with crutches. He is frequently seen in the class making out with his girlfriend Terri. He is portrayed by Josh Braaten.


Toby is approached by Harry Dunne and Lloyd Christmas in the cafeteria, who are trying to find recruits for the new special needs class. Because of his injury, they assume he is is terminally ill (even though Toby mentions the injury is just temporary). Toby offers to sign up for the class along with his girlfriend and four other students. Later on, after the class photo, Lloyd offers to help him down but he turns it down since his injury doesn't prevent him from doing it himself.

At the Thanksgiving Day Parade, Toby and all the other students discover that the class is fake and Principal Collins and Miss Heller are responsible for embezzling money from the school. It is all revealed and the class disbands for good.