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Travis Lippincott
Vital statistics
Title Travis Lippincott
Gender Male
Affiliation Adele Pinchelow
Age 40s
Status Deceased
Occupation Housekeeper
Relatives Captain Lippincott (twin brother)
First Appearance Dumb and Dumber To
Portrayed by Rob Riggle

Travis Lippincott is the tertiary antagonist low life lover/lackey of Adele Pinchelow. In trying to kill Harry and Lloyd he is promptly flattened by a speeding train. A death in a manner much similar to Joe Mentalino who also tried to kill the two idiots.

He is fat, smart & his brother was a military soldier. When he died, his brother Captain Lippincott helped Adele to steal the invention of Bernard Pinchelow & get rich. He really hated & despised Harry and Lloyd, because of their stupidity and their pranks with him, driving him insane just as Mentalino in the first movie. Tired of their pranks, he invented a game to humiliate them, by to put a funnel behind the underwear & a peanut in the nose, then drop the peanut in the funnel. When Harry and Lloyd tried, he dropped cold water in the funnel, wetting their pants. As revenge, Harry & Lloyd planted fireworks in his bedroom, in a hotel. When the fireworks exploded, he was terribly burned & fell in a swimming pool, as the idiots laughed of him. He phoned Adele shouting that he wanted to kill them. Then he tried himself by planting a bomb in their backs on the car. The bomb exploded & left the idiots temporarily deaf. Travis pulled a gun & tried to shoot them, just as a speeding train hits him.


  • Travis is shown to have a lot of common with Joe Mentalino in Dumb and Dumber To, seeing as how both of the characters journey alongside Harry & Lloyd & are lackey’s to the main bad guys, & are later killed when they both tried to kill Harry & Lloyd.